• The number of till rolls

    we procure each year would stretch to the moon and back


Working within our procurement team, you will procure (buy) the vast range of goods and services that our business needs to operate, rather than the things that we sell to our customers. We’re a global team and procure for all 11 of our markets! We procure a diverse range of products - from IT solutions, to refrigeration units, shopping trolleys, car parks and recycling banks, to POS (point of sale) and water lorries the list is almost endless.

What’s important about Procurement is that we collaborate effectively with different parts of the business, depending on their specific needs.

The services we procure include consultancy, recruitment, travel, marketing and advertising, cash and banking, security, cleaning, couriers and distribution (to move our goods by road, rail or sea); energy, storage and distribution centres.

So whether you're negotiating the price of our next TV ad, or working with our clothing function to create the next best-value store uniform, there are so many opportunities to broaden your experience.

We don’t just procure products; we also use our scale for good to benefit customers and communities. For example, Tesco recycles around 300,000 tonnes of card each year, saving over 5 million trees. The amount of bakery waste we recycle per annum is enough to feed 2,544 cows for 12 months.

Your work will be essential to ensure we provide a seamless level of service for our customers and colleagues.

  • Commercial awareness
  • Strong customer focus
  • Numerical and Negotiation skills
  • Organised pragmatic and confident

If this is your area of expertise or a career you would like to explore, the variety of opportunities across Procurement are huge.