• We were the

    UK’s first food retailer to offer Grocery Home Shopping

    Grocery Home Shopping delivery vehicles outside a Dotcom Centre

"We use our network of shops and Dotcom centres across all formats to create convenient options for our customers"



Other areas you could work in:

The Online channel team’s role is to grow and develop a seamless online experience for our customers, aligned with the overall Tesco brand. The team stretches across the Grocery, Tesco Direct and F&F websites, with the ability to improve the online shopping trip for millions of customers across the world. The team has several functions within it – strategy & proposition, programme management, data science, international, product management, user experience, analytics, trade planning, content and customer experience to name a few. The team works across Tesco but particularly closely with our customer fulfilment, digital product, technology, retail, marketing and commercial teams.

Within the Online team our roles cover many areas of the business from Grocery, Tesco Direct to F&F clothing websites. There are three main areas of focus:

Online Trading

Customers want the ability to shop whenever and wherever they want, using whatever device they choose. We make this possible by providing a personalised service that inspires loyalty.

We’re always looking for ways to make things better for our customers, for example with flexible delivery and collection choices.

We also work with our Commercial teams to help each department to make the most of online opportunities and find new ways of making our online range the best it can be.


Our goal is to be the best and most usable service in the market. We make sure that each of the websites and their relevant apps give our customers the best user experience: simple, stress-free, quick and easy shopping from any device.

The Analytics teams process large data sets to uncover key customer irritants, or interesting trends in the data, feeding into Optimisation teams that turn this insight into improvements for our customers. We have an in-house design team which works closely with our product owners and technology teams to create innovations that help customers while adding value to our business.

Data Science

The world we live in has become incredibly complex. Every day we ask our customers and 500,000 colleagues worldwide to make a lot of decisions. People only have a limited amount of cognitive energy and every decision we ask them to make drains that energy.


We work together with the business and technology to build bespoke algorithms that improve a well-defined repetitive decision. Given the size of the Tesco business these repetitive decisions are particularly exciting, as even a small improvement can have a massive impact on the overall business.

Examples of Online Trading Roles:

  • Online Trading Manager
  • Digital Channel Manager
  • Online Content Optimisation

Examples of Product Roles:

  • Product Owner
  • Digital Analytics Manager
  • UX Designer

Examples of Data Science Roles:

  • Data Scientist
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Lead Data Scientist

Across Online, we have a number of specialist and generalist roles that require a variety of skills and experience. The key skills that we look for are:

  • Customer Awareness
  • Experience in e-commerce
  • Stakeholder management
  • Ability to thrive under pressure
  • An appetite for learning and continuous improvement