Group Safety, Security and Resilience

  • We have been accredited

    with the internationally recognised British Standard for occupational health & safety management systems for our distribution and transport operations in the UK

  • During the December 2009 floods

    the Tesco Crisis Management Team completed the building of a bridge and temporary store at Workington Cumbria in just 13 days!


Working in Group Safety, Security and Resilience is hugely rewarding and critical to Tesco’s success. Across Tesco, our purpose is to serve shoppers a little better every day – and the GSSR team makes sure we do that in a way puts our customers’ and colleagues’ safety first at all times.

The safety team’s aim is to protect people from harm wherever we do business across nearly 8000 stores in 12 countries. We aim to develop the best safety culture of any international retailer and always look for opportunities to innovate and drive safety standards to keep our customers and colleagues safe at all times.

The Corporate Investigations Team working alongside the Cyber teams and the Fraud Management team provide an independent and objective investigation service throughout the business. All of the Security Teams strive to improve the shopping experience for our customers by ensuring more products are available for sale, in our store or on-line and prevent theft and fraud.

Resilience means that no matter what is happening to Tesco – whether floods, civil disturbances or occurrences of wrongdoing - we can continue to provide the very best levels of support and service to our customers.

By joining this specialist department you will be able to work within an exciting and challenging area that spans most of the globe, in a small and supremely professional team, whilst helping us achieve our ambitions as a world leading retailer.

The Group Safety, Security and Resilience department is made up of a number of teams that all serve to protect our customers, colleagues and the business.

Group Safety

Organised into Retail, Property, Distribution and Personal safety

Group Security

Multi functional team which comprises: Corporate Investigations, Fraud Management, Cyber/Information/IT Security and Data Access Requests

Group Resilience

Ensures the business is prepared for and has the plans in place to respond to crisis

Group Safety

The team work with our key stakeholders to develop safety improvement plans to help drive safety standards. We simplify health & safety to ensure it is understood. We work with colleagues across the business to make it a part of everything we do. We have a “can- do” approach to safety and look for opportunities to encourage innovation in business whilst ensuring safety is not compromised. We conduct professional investigations around incidents and capture the learnings around the root cause of the issue. This will then inform development of our safety management system.

Group Security

The team encompasses many different but equally important areas of security, not just the forward facing aspect we are all used to seeing in stores. The work is extremely varied and rewarding and depending on which part of the team you join you will be involved in: providing a professional investigation service for the Group, liaising with law enforcement agencies, highlighting areas of criminal risk within the company, providing control measures and identifying processes to reduce the impact, ensuring the protection of Customers, Colleagues and the Tesco brand by safeguarding the confidentiality and availability of our information.

Group Resilience

The resilience team is responsible for developing and supporting the Resilience framework, helping each business within the Group create the plans required to help prepare them for the unknown.

The team also supports all of our operating countries by assisting the Crisis Management Team during interruptions in business continuity, horizon scanning for potential threats, developing intelligence reports for unfolding issues and generating next steps, training and guidance.

The nature of the roles performed by the Group Safety, Security and Resilience team means that we are looking for people with high levels of personal integrity, resolve and organisational skills. If you have experience of delivering challenging projects across international environments then this dynamic department may be for you.

All roles within the department will require you to work as part of a team and when necessary with the minimum of supervision. You will develop both yourself and others whilst managing complex relationships in order to gain commitment and trust. We look for those who can deliver our 5 leadership skills –

  • Collaboration,
  • Empathy,
  • Innovation,
  • Responsiveness
  • Resilience.

The specialist nature of the department means that we are interested in people that can bring knowledge and experience in areas of safety, investigations, business continuity, cyber or information security. Applicants may be graduates in a risk management or security area, have experience in leading and managing complex investigations, preferably at a senior level, or come from an audit or risk management background.