Customer Fulfilment Centre Manager

  • Inspiring and leading teams

    to deliver the best online shopping experience for our customers

    2 colleagues in suit and another in high visibility jacket having a conversation in the Dotcom Centr
  • Inspiring and leading teams

    to deliver the best online shopping experience for our customers

    Hundreds of food crates in the Dotcom Centre
  • Inspiring and leading teams

    to deliver the best online shopping experience for our customers

    3 colleagues in the Dotcom Centre Office

Key information

Typical Shifts: Various

Salary Range: Competitive

Locations: Nationwide

The world of retail is changing, with more customers than ever choosing online delivery. Our Customer Fulfilment Centres are the newest part of our retail operation. They’re fast-paced, fast-growing and at the cutting edge of technology.

As a Customer Fulfilment Centre Manager you’ll be at the centre of a world-class operation and playing a big part in a business that has built its reputation on putting the customer first. You’ll be surrounded by a team that shares your passion for service. And it’ll be your job to lead and inspire those around you with your knowledge and drive, to help them be the best they can be.

This is an exceptional opportunity for someone with the right retail experience, a thorough understanding of volume retail, and the ability to motivate a large team to meet complex targets.

As a leader you’ll:

• Drive a culture that empowers colleagues to do the right thing for customers
• Build strong relationships and reach out across the business to find better ways of doing things
• Listen to your team, being open and willing to learn, and use this insight to develop the business
• Be a role model so that every colleague knows who you are and what you stand for
• Know your stuff and understand how the wider business operates
• Bring about changes quickly and effectively
• Know how to be at your best and inspire confidence in those around you if things aren’t working out

As a manager you’ll:

• Earn customers’ loyalty through the quality of the products and services
• Develop your management team, with feedback, coaching and plenty of encouragement
• Spot talent, mentor and grow future leaders
• Make sure colleagues have the tools, training and confidence to do their jobs
• Have a strong trade plan in place and equip your team for all trade activities, events and festivals
• Manage costs and colleagues to deliver sales and growth
• Put time into the local community and be a responsible neighbour

You’ll be at the centre of an operation that uses the latest technologies for picking, packing and delivering our customers’ shopping. The scale is large, with more than 72,000 customer orders being picked and delivered each week. It’s also growing fast, with more customers than ever choosing to shop online.

Managing such a large, complex and fast-moving operation will demand all your skills, experience and training to drive the business, support colleagues and serve our customers.

This is a high-profile role, with hundreds of colleagues and managers looking to you to make sure everyone is fired up, focused and pulling in the same direction. You’ll need to work five days out of seven, with shifts to fit the centre’s operation – including some Sundays and Bank Holidays.

As a leading figure in a world-class operation, you’ll have a hugely influential decision-making role, where the stakes are high and the potential is enormous.

  • Your Customer Fulfilment Centre Director
  • Your management team
  • Your colleagues
  • Your customers
  • The Office
  • Distribution Centres
  • The local community

Excited by the chance to lead and develop a large operation, to be a doer and make a difference? Then this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

If you share our values, and if you have the qualities we’re looking for, then we’d love to hear from you.